The Teaching of Thomas, Given Through Madys Mary

Madys Mary Bannister Sloane

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Clairvoyants, shamans, alchemists and biblical prophets, among others, have claimed to hear voices or receive supernatural knowledge from the spirit world for centuries. Channelers (also known as psychic mediums), impart their spirit guides’ message to seekers of deeper wisdom.

Such is the case with Madys Mary Bannister Sloane, who has been channeling her guide, Thomas, ever since he first appeared to her as a vision during a meditation class decades ago. Through Sloane, Thomas offers his psychic revelations with what might be considered a therapist’s tone. (Sloane’s graduate school degree in psychology could account for this.) For example, Thomas admonishes: “…too many people are blaming their childhood for not going forward as they should.” Another: “You are not held back by the love you didn’t receive as a child but by the love that you are not giving now.”

Thomas has a lot more to say, and although the book covers acres of life lessons, it doesn’t meander. There are 25 chapters, each averaging only five pages, covering subjects that range from listening, death, and reincarnation, to finding peace within and letting go of the past, to sacred spaces, the spirit plane, and even sex. Every chapter stands alone; readers can hopscotch from revelation to revelation.

There are plenty of jewels here, but, unfortunately, there’s also no shortage of clichés, such as “This force [sex] can be a way of expressing love, and this is very positive.” Or: “Try to have compassion and understanding for others.” Sloane offers up everything without her own commentary or personal reflection.

Because Thomas’ clichés outweigh his thoughtful and occasionally profound messages, it’s likely that those who have already been on a searching path will feel as if they’ve been here before. Thomas’ teachings should be more appealing to readers who are just starting to explore a spiritual journey.

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