The Spiritual Being Within

Kate D. Perez

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Kate D. Perez’s The Spiritual Being Within delivers her philosophy of spiritual growth, inspired by her careers as teacher and nurse and her work with various forms of healing. With a thorough and independent exploration of what she calls the five facets of the “eternal ‘I’,” she posits that anyone can become a spiritual being, personally fulfilled and capable of being a healing force in the Universe.

Perez refers to her five facets as individual “bodies”: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Like human bodies, each needs intake, digestion, and elimination to evolve and grow. Intake asks “what” (i.e., What nourishes/starves our intellectual body?). What she calls “processing” (digestion and elimination) asks “how” (i.e., How do we make use of a positive/difficult situation?). Each chapter concludes with discussion of the exciting growth potential to come.

Perez insists on independent thinking, noting that institutional religion and its rigid rules stunt an individual’s ability to participate in the priceless gift of co-creation with the Universe.

Much of Perez’s philosophy is familiar New Age orthodoxy (“thought is energy”; “what we refer to as a life-threatening disorder, disability, or morbidity is but a wealth of learning opportunities…”). What’s new is a reader-friendly explanation of physical mechanisms (cells, DNA, the nervous systems), the author’s experiences teaching young children, and her self-made practices of visualization, meditation, and healing.

Some of her explanations are overwritten and vague (“The hypothetical connection I am postulating is that the Life Energy vivifies the nuclear forces in the atom that continue to regenerate to resurrect itself into matter”), but she does occasionally offer empowering clarity (“Most of all, we need to develop trust in ourselves, recognise our own strengths… and acknowledge freedom from any belief system. By doing so, we will meet our higher self—the eternal ‘I’”).

Perez’s writing sometimes requires re-reading to tease out her ideas. For patient readers, she presents a fresh perspective on the spiritual questions of existence humans have pondered forever.

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