The Sisters’ Story: The Legend of Queen Brighton and Sister Jasmine

R. M. Dalton

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Sophia and her younger sister Naomi were born in the beautiful and peaceful land called The Valley. Theirs was a simple, happy existence, surrounded by family, neighbors and fertile lands. As Sophia grew into her teens, she questioned what life was like outside of The Valley. She decides she must find out for herself what lies beyond The Valley and sets out on a journey, accompanied by her devoted sister.

The sisters’ journey is long and difficult. After enduring an arduous trek and brushes with death, they find that there are others, and their world is very different from the one that the sisters know. They make a life in this new land. Sophia discovers love with a young prince and learns that she possesses royal lineage of her own. She becomes Queen Brighton, but in her life as queen she faces many devastating losses. Naomi finds comfort in faith and seeks to become a nun, but it is not to be. Over many years, both sisters endure their own hardships but are eventually able to find true faith, happiness, and a way home.

Dalton crafts a beautiful, inspirational story filled with detailed descriptions of the setting and his characters. His love of the land is apparent, especially in his depictions of The Valley. He presents readers with many lessons that touch on life and death, our relationships with nature, the horrors and triumphs of war, as well as the importance of faith in God.

The story spans many years, and the characters learn, grow, and change. Their stories become the stuff of legends, tales passed down from generation to generation. Sophia and Naomi’s tale teaches readers that even if one must travel miles and years to find faith, the journey can bring true peace and happiness.

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