The Silver Arrow

Daniel J. Jepsen

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The Silver Arrow is a Christian allegorical tale of truth, redemption, and good vs. evil. This 8.5×11-inch book is attractively formatted with text printed on an illustration of an open scroll in the background. The story appears targeted to older elementary grade children.

Most readers will understand that the characters Prince Devon and Shepherd represent Satan and Christ, and an unseen character, the King, represents God. Devon enslaves his subjects, yet convinces them that he holds the key to happiness. Shepherd then comes to the kingdom and, through the children, begins to spread truth. If the people will choose to believe him, he holds the silver arrow, the one weapon that will redeem them all from Devon’s slavery.

While The Silver Arrow presents an engaging plot, it is compromised by poor punctuation and cumbersome sentences. For example: “The truth is that the prince made then and makes now an effort and even a priority, to keep this fact hidden from the people of the kingdom; even as far as to make them believe that The King and everything He stands for does not exist at all!” Dialogue exchanges are contained in single paragraphs, making them hard to follow. While always a detriment, such issues are particularly problematic in a book for young readers.

Author Daniel Jepsen earned a master’s degree in Biblical Studies, despite struggles with Tourette’s syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. His book cover states, “The Silver Arrow is not only to show what can be accomplished by anyone impaired with disorders, but to show God’s Love, Grace and Mercy and to show the truth in His Word…”

Indeed, Jepsen can be applauded for his achievement in writing this book, and parents and Sunday school teachers may find the plot of some use in teaching Christian concepts. But professional editing would greatly enhance the readability, correct errors, and likely expand the book’s potential audience.

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