The Seventh-Day Sabbath and its Redemptive Function in God’s Everlasting Covenant of Grace—Expanded and Revised: Second Edition

A. M. Simataa

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The Old Testament commands Jews to honor the Sabbath, or seventh day of the week. But the vast majority of the world’s Christians now gather on Sunday. In this book, author A.M.Simataa, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination known for its distinctive practice of Saturday worship, argues for Sabbath observance.

In his introduction, the author frames the issue in terms of obedience to God’s inviolable commands versus “the commandments of men.” “When men’s laws will be preferred against the holy commandments of God, the final straw that broke the camel’s back will have been flung,” writes Simataa, who argues that the Adventist church is the “true” and “Remnant” church, and that its members will be best prepared to meet Jesus when he returns to earth in his final, Second Coming.

The book, while densely written, does a solid job of marshalling numerous biblical passages to demonstrate that Sabbath worship was God’s established pattern from the time of Creation (when God rested on the seventh day) to the time of the church. But it fails to satisfactorily address the change to Sunday worship that the vast majority of Christians embraced in the decades after Christ, as increasing numbers of Gentile Christians worshipped on the day Christ rose from the dead rather than on the Jewish Sabbath.

While Simataa is correct in noting that scripture doesn’t advocate Sunday as a holy day, church history explains how this change happened; Simataa dismisses the importance of that history, saying scripture should guide believers, not “tradition.”

As a result, this book does a better job preaching to the Sabbath-worshipping choir than it does convincing Sunday worshippers they are wrong. And threats that the billion-plus worldwide Sunday worshippers may actually be “worshipping the beast” described in the apocalyptic book of Revelation certainly don’t help in persuading his opponents, likely limiting the book’s audience to those who already agree with its premise.

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