The 7 Tools of Healing: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Live the Life Your Soul Desires

Steven M. Hall MD

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In The 7 Tools of Healing, Dr. Steven M. Hall shares the tools of his holistic approach to healing that allow patients to harness the power of “Consciousness”—personal and universal energy—to recognize and change unconscious beliefs that are causing or exacerbating problems.

Hall is a board-certified family practitioner who has worked in Integral Medicine for more than 30 years. As such, he has had a wealth of opportunity to study a wide variety of people and illnesses. His mission is to heal the patient rather than just his or her symptoms.

The seven tools referred to in the title are: faith, awareness, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and right action. The foundational tool, faith, is a “trusting relationship with yourself, with your own knowing, and with other people.” Awareness is about identifying the physical and emotional feelings, beliefs, dreams, relationships, and actions that underlie the problems on the surface. The next four tools allow patients to face these truths and find solace in what is. The last is about taking action to gently, lovingly, patiently, and consistently return to and maintain good health.

Hall organizes his method of holistic healing clearly and thoroughly, writing with authority and warmth. He makes his argument for accepting the healing power of “Consciousness” from a rational, fact-based perspective, acknowledging skeptics.

While the book doesn’t require specialized knowledge, it does require patience. It’s very wordy; Hall has done a lot of research over the years and wants to share it all. Quotations from the masters abound (on just two pages, he quotes Henry Ford, Goethe, William James, and Muhammad Ali in succession), which help support his theory but interrupt the narrative flow.

Despite such issues, readers who are persistent and committed to honest soul-searching will find hope and practical solutions in this book that tackles healing from the inside out.

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