The Sacrifice

Christopher Chapman

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Spanning many years and chronicling pivotal events in the life of its protagonist, The Sacrifice is not only a romance, but also the portrait of a man who lives up to being the “miracle” he is destined to be. In his greatness, he maintains simplicity and doesn’t forget that his beautiful love interest is the true miracle in his life.

Stricken with cancer but refusing chemotherapy to protect her unborn baby, Flynn’s mother gives up her own life for Flynn’s. With that gesture, she leaves a legacy for Flynn to fulfill: he must live up to her sacrifice. She believes he is destined for greatness. With hard work and a little luck, Flynn becomes larger than life: a football star, famous actor, successful musician, hero. But ultimately, his greatest achievement is that of lover, father, family man.

Early in his pro football career, Flynn meets Misty, and their attraction is instant. As she is the team owner’s daughter, their affair is forbidden, but they pursue it nonetheless. Theirs is a sweet, innocent story, told often through poems the couple shares, songs that Flynn writes for Misty, and pop culture references. Readers gain glimpses into all stages of the relationship, from initial attraction to an emotional time apart and eventual reconciliation.

The couple is endearing, but ultimately, the story lacks emotional resonance: The author often simply lists facts and events. (“Misty smiled to herself. Misty grabbed the note off the door and contemplated whether she should freshen up….Misty decided to wear her white jeans and navy sweater with a white scarf and white beanie.”)

Although the story carries profound and relatable lessons on love and sacrifice, it overuses clichés and idioms (“loose lips sink ships,” “out of sight out of mind,” etc.).

Despite these flaws, the book offers a unique perspective on life, family, death, and romance. Those who can overlook its issues will be rewarded with many life lessons learned.

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