The Rainbow Dove of Love Unites the Peace Tree of Life

Patti Ann Nobile

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Patti Ann Nobile’s poetry collection, The Rainbow Dove of Love Unites the Peace Tree of Life, includes spirited poems of romantic and religious themes, all seemingly forged from hard times leavened by hope.

Nobile notes on the back cover of the book that she’s “had lots of hard knots [sic] along the way,” but she’s also “had many blessed encounters which have inspired me and have brought me very close to God the Almighty.” Her poems reflect that mixed experience, sometimes acknowledging pain, but more often offering a positive, reassuring point of view.

In “Life is Too Short,” for example, Nobile writes: “Life is too short to look back/ And dwell in all your mistakes/ Just hold your head high/ and keep walking/ and let the Lord be your saving grace.” Similarly, “Oh Lord” notes that “Many times I have fallen/ Fallen from your path,” but expresses confidence that God can “Restore me to your gentle ways.”

The love poems also acknowledge pain and hope in equal measure. In “Addiction Called Love,” Nobile writes: “I have this flaming addiction called love and I’m not alone […]/ and I want to break the chains to free me from my painful misery.”  However, the next poem, “Love,” returns to optimism: “Loves [sic] power is endless and limitless/ It is who we are/ It is true life!”

The poems in this collection are composed of prose-like lines without the lyricism and other poetic conceits of more accomplished work. They deliver well-worn images and phrases (“burning flame”; “gentle touch”; “Love is like a freight train”; “reach for the stars”), and readers looking for fresh or surprising insights won’t find them in this work.  Additionally, the lack of thematic groupings often makes for a jarring reading experience. As a result, the book isn’t likely to attract sophisticated poetry readers.

Nonetheless, Nobile’s work offers encouragement and affirmation, and those looking for a positive attitude within a faith-based framework might find comfort here.

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