The Process of Overcoming

Paulette Givhan

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During an intense spiritual experience in 2008, it was revealed to Paulette Givhan that she was to become a sojourner for Christ’s Gospel. She made a promise to do so, and her book, The Process of Overcoming, is evidence of that commitment.

In a series of short chapters, the author waxes theological and provides guidance and insight to help Christians from all walks of life rise above the weight of our collective human condition. “To get to become an overcomer is a process,” she writes, “that requires us to know some things about our God and ourselves.”

Givhan sees God as a strict teacher who doesn’t just quiz his students on what they remember outwardly but pushes them to draw from all they have learned and experienced in their lifetime. Her outlook is existential and pragmatic: “The teacher makes up the test…You get no help from the teacher when the tests begins.” In other words, it is mankind’s responsibility to create heaven on Earth. God will supply you with the tools. You need to use them to cultivate a new world.

Her other topics focus on dealing with “whatsoever” (“whatsoever” is our actions and how they relate to what God wants for us and others), fasting, temptations, spiritual warfare, and maintaining deliverance from evil. The advice she gives is down-to-earth and practical and there is a distinct lyrical and poetic quality in her prose. The power of her writing, however, is undermined by numerous grammatical mistakes. This is unfortunate because with a good copyeditor and some solid guidance from a seasoned content editor, Givhan’s message could have packed twice the punch.

Still, Givhan’s overall message can be seen in the midst of these shortcomings and she has done what she intended to do: to proclaim the good news of Jesus and remind readers that with faith and perseverance anyone can overcome whatever problems they have in their lives.

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