The Practice of His Righteousness: The Essential Truths for Living a Christian Life

Leonel Dieujuste

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 253 Price: (paperback) $20.99 ISBN: 9781532036606 Reviewed: June, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

In a book combining theological exploration, motivational techniques and inspirational self-help principles, Leonel Dieujuste, a firm believer in “the awesome power of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ,” shares his spiritual insights to help believers triumph in life. Divided into three parts covering rules for faith-based success, the spiritual properties of faith and the practical elements of putting beliefs into action, this handbook of basic tenets for born-again Christians seeks to inspire “people to live in perfect peace within themselves and then with others.”

Examining a plethora of topics, including the importance of Jesus in directing us toward joy; spiritual warfare; heaven; miracles; submitting to God’s will; blessings; and the nature of revelation, Dieujuste upholds Christian tradition while enthusiastically building bridges between sacred scripture and everyday living. “Heaven,” he writes, “can be the habitat of God or anywhere God is present.” In other words, heaven is present in the here and now.

While his understanding of scripture is strong, part three, which unpacks practical ways of putting faith into action, shines brightest. Here he looks to resolve common misunderstanding of scripture. Quoting a well-known verse about our ability to do “all things through Christ,” Dieujuste warns that there are limits. “One needs to perform the duties that suit best his or her talents,” he writes. Bottom line: Don’t waste your energy on something that is only going to deplete you.

Dieujuste, a solid writer and capable teacher, argues his points logically, and his wit and homespun wisdom make this book accessible and easy to read. The narrative suffers occasionally from grammatical issues, including subject-verb agreement and some awkward sentences that occasionally detract from the author’s meaning, but the overall execution is solid.

The Practice of Righteousness doesn’t break new ground, but the author’s simple explanations, informative sidebars and summary lessons make this a potentially helpful guide for Christians seeking to explore their faith in more detail.

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