The Power of Conscious Connection: 4 Habits to Transform How You Live and Lead

Talia Fox

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“LOVE” is the answer for successful leadership development and a more inclusive society, business consultant and entrepreneur Talia Fox posits in The Power of Conscious Connection.

“LOVE” stands for: Listen actively; Observe closely; live your Values, and Engage with emotional intelligence and cultural competence. These four habits, as taught to thousands of people via workshops and lectures given by Fox, founder of leadership development and consulting service KUSI Global Inc., have transformed corporate challenges into successes and lackluster lives into ones of joy and purpose.

Fox uses personal stories along with real and composite client stories to illustrate each part of the process and explore its effects on personal mindsets and corporate culture. She urges us to: ask questions of ourselves and others that encourage authentic, vulnerable replies; reframe a challenge via self-talk; observe our place in the world and how we impact others without ignoring how others impact us. The ideas, while seemingly simple, involve putting in significant amounts of time to, among other things, clarify values, list priorities for meaningful encounters, and observe intently before speaking. LOVE can also be used to improve a fraught family situation, a damaged friendship, or low self-esteem.

The first pages attempt to prove—in a warm-and-fuzzy, trite way—how LOVE might change the world at large. When Fox introduces the LOVE system on page 36, however, her tone and content snap into focus; she offers research and proof from her 20 years of experience to explain why these habits are valuable. From L to E, she logically builds the system with concrete ideas for improving a variety of sticky business and personal situations.

Similar to Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, the author has distilled a plethora of human potential studies into an easily remembered acronym that will push users in a more positive direction. The author’s confidence in her system and the clarity with which she defines it will inspire readers to give this a try.

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