The Planet Blue: The Adventures of Harry Lee and Bingo, A Christian Children’s Story

Johnny Walker

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When a boy from Planet Blue gets hit on the head with a baseball, he wakes up on Earth and teaches those around him to be more appreciative of God’s creation.

Harry, the book’s protagonist, lives in a place “far – far away” from Earth—a parallel universe where things are simpler, children listen to their parents and play outside, and everyone stops to notice the little miracles around them. “Boys and girls on the planet blue [sic] love Jesus and try to be good,” the narrator tells readers.

Then one day Harry is distracted by a butterfly during a baseball game and is struck on the head, falling unconscious. He wakes in another world, with different parents, and finds it disagreeable: His new parents argue, the children are obsessed with video games, his room is “messy —messy—messy.” Disturbed, he lectures his parents about how they would behave if they truly loved Jesus.

His parents quickly see his wisdom and change their behavior—and that of their community. Meanwhile, Harry wakes up in his rightful world and is given a puppy.

The Planet Blue aims to encourage readers to love Jesus and behave as He would expect, appreciating the relationships between each other and God. This philosophy will resonate with many parents.

However, the story is unlikely to engage children. Devoid of anything that normal, rowdy youngsters might relate to, it’s purely didactic and feels preachy. Tension is non-existent: Harry simply tells his Earth parents what is wrong with their lives and they immediately agree. Without a scintilla of struggle, they change their ways. Harry also doesn’t seem to grow or learn from the experience, making the story one-sided.

The illustrations suit the story and convey the scenes well, with a straightforward perspective.

While The Planet Blue presents advice many parents can appreciate, it does so in a sanctimonious way that is unlikely to win over children to its point of view.

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