The Pitter-Patter of Puppy Paws

Jesse Boughton

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A companion story to The Clitter-Clatter of Chloe’s Clogs, this children’s picture book is told from Chloe’s perspective and follows her activities with her puppy.

The narrator, who looks like Chloe from the first book but isn’t named, can hear her mother and then her father arrive home, in part because her puppy makes a fuss over them and can be heard pitter-pattering near the door. The puppy makes similar sounds as it joins the narrator for lunch, frolics while she laces up her shoes, and heads out with her on a walk. At home again that night, the puppy continues to “pitter-patter” as it splashes in the bath and snuggles with her in bed.

The story is simple and without any real plot or driving action: rather, it focuses on sharing moments out of a typical day between a young girl and her faithful puppy. There are some passages that read oddly given the concept: namely, a pitter-patter sound is generally considered to be caused by a dog walking on hard surfaces, but here it occurs when the puppy is playing on grass, splashing in water, and even lying in bed. This can make the repeated use of “the pitter-patter of puppy’s paws” feel forced at points, although young readers are unlikely to mind.

Regardless, the narrative is lighthearted and easy to follow. It mostly uses words early readers will be familiar with, though more challenging words like “amused” make occasional appearances. The illustrations have strong primary colors and show the narrator and her puppy out and about, occasionally getting into mischief; for example, the narrator is pictured messily eating spaghetti, with pasta and sauce ending up on the floor for the puppy to enjoy.

The Pitter-Patter of Puppy Paws is a simple story that uses alliteration to engage young children. It will be particularly enjoyable for early readers who love dogs.

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