The Perennial War of Paramours

Rock Kitaro

Publisher: Stage in the Sky Creations Pages: 220 Price: (paperback) $25.50 ISBN: 9798988481515 Reviewed: April, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

In Rock Kitaro’s novel, the war between the sexes explodes into geopolitical turmoil when a journalist, TV executive, heiress and assassin are drawn into an ancient conflict.

Kitaro draws on his Christian faith, conspiracy fiction, and action movies to inspire his globetrotting thriller. Marcus Angel is a columnist who is shocked to discover that his beloved wife Anna Marie belongs to an “underground society of feminists who were hell-bent on taking over the country.” He’s even more surprised to learn that the Society’s initiation requires its members to kill the man they love most.

After he’s assaulted and nearly killed by a commando squad that includes his wife, Marcus is recruited into an opposing paramilitary force called The Paramours, people whose lives were ruined by the women they call “The Society.” Marcus is soon joined by Elliot Chan, a TV executive who discovers his mother not only leads the Society but murdered his father. Readers also learn information on the Society from deserter Gladys Vandelay, an heiress whose father was murdered during her botched initiation.

The workings of this vast, centuries-spanning feud are outlandish: Everyone seems to know hand-to-hand combat, six languages, how to fly an Apache gunship, etc. Worse, there’s an unfortunate vein of thinly-veiled misogyny that’s conspicuous even among the cartoonish action and far-fetched spectacle: “It was the Society who was behind the slut walks, the celebration of abortions, and brainwashing our students that a rape culture exists on campuses,” protests the Paramours’ commander, before bemoaning the plight of white men.

There are also hints of homophobia, soliloquies in praise of incels, and occasional grammar and spelling errors that further detract from the underdeveloped story.

The ingredients for a satisfactory thriller are here, from explosive set pieces to hidden truths to truly unexpected twists and turns, but many readers will find that unfortunate choices by the author result in a story with threadbare entertainment value.

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