The Nerve of Diabetes: My Journey as Told by a Woman of Faith

Sharon Jones-Cook, MSW, LMSW

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In The Nerve of Diabetes: My Journey as Told by a Woman of Faith, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Sharon Jones-Cook describes her journey with diabetes. Two themes anchor the book: Be proactive with your healthcare, and trust in God, even when the diagnosis is dire.

Jones-Cook had gestational diabetes in 1969, but her doctor never mentioned it after her pregnancy. In 1981, she started college and was soon treated for stress. This began a lifelong series of illnesses: heart attack, stroke, neuropathy, and more. It wasn’t until her career as a medical social worker that Jones-Cook realized the link between her illnesses and diabetes and began advocating for herself.  In Chapter 10, she writes, “Your personal care physician is the nucleus of your medical care team…” She advises readers to communicate with their doctor to “bring him pieces of a puzzle concerning your health.”

The author’s reliance on God is related throughout, but Chapter 13 focuses specifically on Scripture and trusting God. Jones-Cook writes: “Don’t accept defeat when you are given a diagnosis that seems like there is no hope … keep the Faith, always remembering that God has the last say in our health.”

The bulk of the narrative details the author’s personal and family health histories, including names of doctors and detailed accounts of medications, treatments, and supplements taken. Although Jones-Cook includes specific dates along with details of her medical challenges, there are so many that the timeline is often confusing.

A few helpful informational charts and lists showing the effects of diabetes on the nervous system and organs are included.

Because of the highly personal nature of this book, readers with a vested interest in Jones-Cook’s exhaustive medical history, such as family members, clients and others who know her, are the book’s most obvious audience. Although anyone with diabetes will find nuggets of helpful information, most general readers are likely to feel that the personal details distract from the book’s intended message.

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