The Mouse’s Diary

Ken Donaldson, illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 102 Price: (paperback) $49.99 AUD ISBN: 9781479798490 Reviewed: May, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

The Mouse’s Diary is the first edition of a planned six-volume paperback adventure series for children. The story stars a young mouse and his best friend, a raccoon, as they journey through a cornucopia of magical and captivating lands. But before the adventures can begin, the friends must first escape from an isolated prison and the mean king who has taken them hostage.

When a young sparrow (confusingly named Robin) flies into their cramped, lonely cell one morning, our heroes are delighted. The sparrow is searching for the Queen of the Animal Kingdom. As he shares his remarkable story, he inspires his new friends to ask for his help. The sparrow uses his magical powers to grant the friends a wish: suddenly they are free of their prison and exploring the world outside.

Soon the raccoon and the mouse are discovering quirky and mysterious new lands. First, they enter the kingdom of Crimsionia, where everything and everyone is red. Later, they are kicked out of a tiny house in a forest where they were secretly gorging on cookies, cakes and pies. They climb mountains and gaze at waterfalls. Finally, they stumble upon a beautiful wonderland dotted with marshmallow treats. There, the story ends as the friends fall asleep looking forward to their next discovery.

While the theme of adventure might appeal to children, The Mouse’s Diary is marred by numerous punctuation and grammar mistakes that leave the text confused and, at times, difficult to follow. For example, periods are often missing, tenses aren’t compatible, incorrect letters are capitalized and commas are used inconsistently and incorrectly. The author would be well-advised to have the next five volumes of this series copyedited, as it is essential that books intended for emerging readers be free of error, no matter how whimsical the adventure.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

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