The Map of Healing: The Beginnings

Gabi Badaluta

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In The Map of Healing, clinical psychologist Gabi Badaluta offers an ambitious work integrating many therapeutic schools focused on the intersection of emotions, trauma, medicine, and ancestry. The author is especially a proponent of Recall Therapy, founded by Gilbert Renaud, that brings many of these therapies into one practice.

Central to this outlook is the idea that “there is always a story behind” health issues that you need to find in order to discern the source of the problem and fully heal. Many of the stories, Badaluta adds, are inherited from our families. The narrative explains how to become aware of these patterns, interweaving case studies and examples from the author’s clients throughout the book.

Badaluta introduces concepts and tools that build upon prior chapters, serving as a workbook as much as an introductory text. Tools offered include: Lifetime Timeline (mapping one’s life story); Project Purpose (mapping what she considers the most influential time in a person’s life story, from 18 months before one’s birth to one year after); and Family Tree (finding repeating conflicts that have been passed on through generations).

Badaluta’s writing is largely accessible and engaging, but some sections need more polish to connect the ideas and examples. For instance, in Chapter 16: Depression, there’s no explanation of how the sub-headed sections on leukemia and gambling relate to depression. Chapter 20: Autoimmune Diseases focuses on healing thyroid cancer and AIDS, but the last paragraph is an unrelated statement about the usefulness of recording one’s dreams. Most distracting is Badaluta’s use of different symbols to bullet point ideas that would be easier to read if integrated into the text.

Despite these rough patches, the author writes in a generally clear and engagingly informal voice, one that succeeds in motivating readers to try the tools offered. The Map of Healing will especially appeal to readers of Caroline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit, and Joy Manné’s Family Constellations.

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