The Making of the IDEAL Physician

Edward C.Rosenow III, MD; J. Keith Mansel, MD; Walter R. Wilson, MD

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In The Making of the IDEAL Physician, physicians Edward C. Rosenow III, Keith Mansel and Walter R. Wilson use their combined experience of more than 100 years to deliver information the “ideal” physician should know, offering advice on how to become a physician, and, once that’s accomplished, how to treat every patient as you would like a family member treated.

Chapter subjects include physician-patient interaction (with subtitles such as “Body Language—Yours Not the Patient’s!”); how to be an “ideal” medical resident, and how to become a physician educator, prepare medical talks and other specific career advice. The authors also stress the importance of finding good mentors and offer invaluable insider information on applying for medical school, including what to say (or not say) in your applications and how to prepare for interviews.

The book is chockfull of helpful, easy-to-read bulleted items, but the text suffers from a few issues, as well. Flow and organization can be puzzling. For example, Chapter 5 is on being a better resident, but by Chapter 6, readers are already reading about educating future physicians. Some of the doctors’ advice is repeated, word for word, just pages after it’s introduced. (“You can’t heal if you are angry,” appears on page 22; it’s repeated, verbatim, on page 35.) |

Additionally, the authors sometimes make generalized statements without enough specifics. A chapter dedicated to apathy and burnout instructs physicians to read Richard Carlson’s books (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all Small Stuff). It would have been helpful to first point out what “small stuff” physicians sweat. Finally, some advice seems a bit outdated or tone-deaf, such as suggesting you can get your child patients to laugh if you ask if they are married.

Despite such shortcomings, there’s a wealth of solid information in this volume, with every page packed with advice. As such, The Making of the IDEAL Physician offers a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a medical career.

BlueInk Heads-Up: This would be a wonderful resource for medical and career libraries.
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