The Lost Expedition: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3

Douglas Smith

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Douglas Smith concludes his Dream Rider Saga with The Lost Expedition, the third in a young adult fantasy series in which three teens with unusual superpowers must travel to the Peruvian jungle to find their missing parents.

Will Dreycott and his girlfriend Case have questions that need answering: Why did Case’s mother disappear at the same time that Will’s parents were lost in Peru? Can it be a coincidence that Will, Case, and Case’s brother all discovered their superpowers at that time? And who has sent Will the flower he’s been searching for? It’s the only memory he has from the time his parents disappeared, and the note arriving with it with bears the coordinates of a location in Peru. But how can agoraphobic Will travel to South America?

The Lost Expedition has many of the strengths of the two earlier books in the series. Smith’s world-building and scene-setting are excellent; his characters are all well-drawn and believable; the dialogue is sharp, and there are plenty of twists and turns to the storyline. The reappearance of the witch Morrigan is a plus, and reporter Rani adds some welcome snark and humor.

Some of the forward momentum of The Hollow Boys and The Crystal Cave, however, is lacking. Smith naturally has a lot of explaining and backstory to share, and while he employs a range of techniques – visions, recovered memories, confessions, and the use of multiple points of view – the book only really hits its stride about one-third of the way through when the group is attacked in Peru. This key event takes place in a monastery, but in much of the novel it’s referred to as a convent – a rare error in an otherwise highly professional offering.

This is a trilogy written to be read in order, and while The Lost Expedition doesn’t quite hit the heights of tension of its predecessors, readers will surely enjoy Smith’s imagination and creativity.

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