The Little Love That Could: Stories of Tenacious Love, Underdogs, and Ragamuffins

Pamela Capone

Publisher: Aha! Press Pages: 241 Price: (paperback) $15.99 ISBN: 9781642374803 Reviewed: December, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

Pamela Capone found the secret to happiness after a lifetime of therapy, life coaching, introspection, and spiritual exploration. She shares her epiphanies in a moving collection of personal essays that explores the power of love and her transformation from orphan to child of God. The title, The Little Love That Could, is inspired by the children’s book about a persistent little train engine.

The collection is written in the conversational tone of a sympathetic girlfriend who knows about life’s pain. The author was abandoned by her biological parents as an infant, along with eight older siblings. When loving foster parents took her in, she was filthy and malnourished, a self-described ragamuffin who spent decades overcoming the belief that she was unlovable. Now a hip, gregarious California powerhouse in her mid-50s, Capone confides that it took God’s unconditional love to set her straight.

Mixing the style of a motivational speaker with evangelical zeal, Capone reveals herself as a kind, generous woman who has mastered the skill of turning small talk into big conversations. Each chapter is a modern parable ending with a lesson about tenacity, forgiveness, generosity, and God’s grace. In “Happy Hour,” for example, she watches nursing home residents dance to a live band and learns that instead of happiness, we should pursue happy moments, since tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. And in “South of the Hoarder,” she yearns for a larger closet to double as a prayer room, then realizes she’s really longing for stillness rather than “things.”

Capone pulls from personal experiences, Eastern spirituality, self-help gurus, Bible verses, and pop culture, even using invented words like “joy-tears” and “swoopers” (people who swoop in to fill needs when God calls them) when traditional vocabulary fails. Together, these elements create a warm, entertaining and edifying read.

Although Capone’s male, Christian God may not be everyone’s deity, her insightful, good-natured stories represent the best of human nature, sharing universal truths that can be appreciated by people of all cultures.

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