The Lion’s Wisdom

Uma Shankari

Publisher: Pages: 290 Price: (paperback) $ ISBN: 9781950282418 Reviewed: August, 2019

The soul, as a source independent of the physical body, knows the truth, and that truth helps the individual, other humans, animals, and nature. That’s the thesis of this book channeled to the mind of author Uma Shankari in meditation.

The material Shankari received is presented primarily as a fictional conversation between a wealthy man and Lion, a wise animal who says he’s from a different time. The man feels guilty that he has cheated on his wife. In dreams and sometimes while awake, he engages with Lion, who discourses on inherent wisdom and how to access it, as well as ‘’the plight of Mother Earth and the magnitude of destruction at the hands of humanity.” Underscoring the theme that truth is always best, Lion tells the man he should have been honest with his wife.

Topics meander and ideas are often stated and restated in different words. The book includes chapters on love and what it really means; grief; shame and what it stems from; and thievery (meaning the plundering of natural resources). Adding to the loose organization, narrators sometimes change, which can be confusing. For instance, one chapter unexpectedly announces that “This narration is coming from a black woman in Africa.”

On the plus side, the wealthy man’s personal situation adds a human interest factor to a book that is basically polemic, with many admonitions sprinkled throughout, such as: “All creations matter…Even the bugs and worms that you assume don’t matter, do matter…Please join the army, the army of peace and love, the army that unites rather than divides…”

Readers accustomed to channeled books may tolerate the prose’s non-linear and repetitive nature. Others will find the writing style and lack of a true story off-putting. For either reader, though, the idea of tuning into what’s right for the planet and the individual is certainly well worth contemplating.

Also available as an ebook.

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