The Light Within Darkness: Space Unbound, Book 3

David C. Jeffrey

Publisher: Sylvanus Books Pages: 422 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9780998674261 Reviewed: July, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

The third installment in David C. Jeffrey’s Space Unbound saga continues the rousing, grand-scale science-fiction adventure featuring commander of the Sun Wolf Aiden Macallan and his crew as they battle a villainous mastermind whose ultimate goal is nothing short of annihilating humankind.

Set in the year 2218, Macallan and crew are given a top-secret mission after he barely survives a brutal attempt on his life. They are tasked with locating the base of operations of C. S. Amon, aka Cardew, the seemingly mythical figure behind the assassination order. Cardew is the maniacal founder of a cult-like movement whose primary goal is to “save” humankind by replacing imperfect humans with infallible Transhumans—genetically enhanced and technologically augmented beings that are virtually indestructible.

As Macallan struggles to locate his adversary amid the vastness of space, his crew—and his microbiologist wife Skye Landen—make numerous jaw-dropping discoveries, including a new understanding of how life is spread throughout the universe and revelations regarding the significance of primordial black holes. But as these incredible discoveries irrevocably change the way they view humankind and its place in the cosmos, Cardew and his army of murderous automatons close in on his apocalyptic goal.

The novel’s space exploration aspect is exceptional as Macallan visits numerous unexplored planets, each revealing shocking scientific insights. The pacing is breakneck throughout, powered by one action-packed sequence after another. The characters are all deeply developed, and the dynamism between them feels authentic.

Additionally, the storyline is filled with more than a few wildly satisfying plot twists, which not only enrich the novel but plant fertile plot seeds for upcoming installments. The not-so-subtle commentary throughout, particularly at novel’s end—which packs a wallop regarding the current political and social landscape—is an added bonus.

Bottom line: Jeffrey’s stellar saga is just as good—if not better—than anything grand-scale science fiction fans will find currently being released by traditional publishers. It’s a stand-up-and-applaud, unforgettable reading experience.

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