The Last Love Story of All Time: The New Proverbs of Solomon

Ronald Horton

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The biblical book of Proverbs is a collection of wisdom, spiritual instruction, and ancient soundbites to help people live righteously while growing closer to God. In The Last Love Story of All Time, Ronald Horton provides a new retelling, expanding on many of the original verses. The author hopes the additions will offer new levels of insight, teaching, and prophecy. Moreover, he claims they came straight from the Almighty: “First and foremost I didn’t create no words in this {LITTLE} Book! GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Created Them and Will Speak Them To you.”

This supplemental material often draws from other biblical works. For instance, the five lines of Proverbs, 21:13, describe what will happen to those who turn away from the poor. Horton includes the original text and a retelling of Jesus’s parable about the unforgiving servant to drive home the warning inherent in the scripture: “So Also My Heavenly FATHER Will Deal With Everyone Of you If you Do Not Freely Forgive your Brother From your Heart his Offences.”

Horton’s love for his faith is apparent. Yet, while the glory of the proverbs is their pithiness, this book feels bloated, and Horton’s expansions often read as if written in stream of consciousness. For example, “And your sons And your daughters Shall Prophesy, your old men Shall dream dreams, your young men Shall See Visions. Even Upon The menservants And Upon The maidservants In Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit And I Will Show Signs And Wonders In The Heavens And On The earth, Blood And Fire And Columns Of Smoke. And The Spirit Of The LORD Shall Rest Upon him…” This continues for another page.

Additionally, overuse of capitalized words and run-on sentences, such as above, make for challenging reading.

While Horton admirably seeks to help readers experience new levels of spiritual awareness, few will have the patience to persevere through this new approach to Proverbs.

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