The Kingdom of God Is Not in Word, but in Power: The Kingdom of God Is Within You

Joseph Thomas

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In The Kingdom of God is Not in Word But in Power: The Kingdom of God is Within You, Joseph Thomas aims to help readers “build a relationship with Jesus Christ.” In a series of short, scripturally based essays, the author offers life lessons drawn from his personal experiences: “I [want] to share some of my riches with you,” he writes, “so you’ll have a chance to shape your life in ways you might not have had if this wisdom wasn’t shared with you.”

Thomas does just that, revealing snippets of his own journey to faith, including his born again experience and dream of flying an airplane, which reminded him that Jesus is ultimately the pilot (and jet fuel) of life. He also shares news stories of miracles in action, including the recent report of a 14-year-old boy who drowned in an icy lake and was later resuscitated after his mother prayed fiercely to God. The message? We can work miracles too if we are in alignment with God’s will.

Thomas is a devout believer, and it’s clear that he’s deeply in love with God. Unfortunately, his prose can sometimes be choppy without adequate transitions, and the text includes some odd word choices and grammatical mistakes (e.g., “There are 30 sum [sic] blessings in the above scriptures that may seem a little to [sic] much for someone to do for you”).

Still, the book provides ample everyday Bible-based wisdom. Insights such as “Whatever you plant inside you will come out” and “Don’t you realize that whatever you choose to obey becomes your master?” are helpful. And his chapter on raising sons and daughters is poignant and touching, urging parents and their children to feed their spirits “in the righteousness of God.”

The book requires thorough editing, but for those willing to tolerate the technical flaws, there’s something endearing about the author’s faith that may resonate with likeminded Christians looking for a quick inspirational read.

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