The Invitation

Molly Sutherland

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In her engaging book, The Invitation, Molly Sutherland, founder of Resurrected Life Ministry, asks readers to consider and investigate the reality of God.

Chapter One poses the question, “If God is real, how can I find God?” The second chapter explores the depth of God’s invitation to enter into a relationship with Him. Sutherland writes: “God seeks our hearts—he is open to relationship with us. We cannot understand this with our heads but can experience it in our hearts.”

Chapter Three is a collection of testimonies by people who accepted God’s invitation. These contributors battled addictions, contemplated suicide, and more. Some had never known God; others were raised in the church but had never developed a relationship with God.

Chapter Four explains God’s Son, Jesus, who “became a bridge by which all of us can come to God and know he will forgive and welcome us.” And Sutherland’s own faith journey makes up Chapter Five.

The first two chapters are formatted with a short selection of text on one page accompanied by an illustration on the facing page. The last three are more text heavy. At the end of each chapter, readers are presented an option: Read the next chapter or skip to a different one based on their interest.

Sutherland relates Biblical truths in understandable terminology. Just as God never forces his will, Sutherland suggests but never insists that readers consider His invitation to reveal Himself to them. The book’s sole downfall is in its technical execution: Many of the illustrations (and cover art) lack professionalism, and there are a few copyediting issues.

Overall, however, The Invitation provides an excellent read. It will find an audience in Christians desiring a tool to share their faith in an uncomplicated manner. Persons curious about Christianity or seeking a relationship with God will find answers here, as will those who already believe but want a deeper relationship with Him.

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