The Intuitive in You: How to Control Your Energy Field, Heal with Energy, Work with Angels, and More

Christopher Alexander Burford

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In The Intuitive in You, energy healer Christopher Alexander Burford posits that using the energy field around you can improve your life, as it has his, in significant ways.

Burford has taught workshops on how to recognize and control the energy field for 15 years. He’s also spent years studying with masters in energistics (harvesting vibrational energy), meditation, breathing, Reiki, and psychic warfare, among other specialties. His aim here is to introduce readers to the topic and inspire them to utilize this innate energy force more fully.

The rewards of energy work can include “intuition, general health, invigoration, caregiving, self-awareness, improved personal power, reduced anxiety” and a resistance to negativity, he writes. It also opens up possibilities to be a medium, healer, and counselor…a channel of the divine.”

The book covers, among other topics, chakras, auras, remote viewing, crystals, and mystic realm beings. It also discusses using energy as a protective mechanism, including against what he terms “demons” — or negative energies in the spirit realm. Burford writes with the assumption that those who have chosen to read this book will readily accept the notion of evil spirits, although its seems probable that many will be skeptical and wish for more explanation.

While a book focused on developing a skill could read like a drab textbook, Burford makes things colorful by providing personal anecdotes. For example, he speaks of taking the flu out of his children by absorbing it into his own body (although he notes that Reiki practitioners disagree with him on this method). The information is presented in a logical manner, building on ideas as it progresses, and an appendix provides more detail on exercises introduced in the main text.

The discussion of demons would seem to narrow the book’s audience. But novices and energy workers alike should appreciate learning about the many ways they can use their energy fields to help them control their world.

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