The Infinity Bible: A Family Book of Life

R. B.

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 54 Price: (paperback) $8.22 ISBN: 9781466976801 Reviewed: September, 2014 Author Website: Visit »

“In the beginning was the Word,” writes John in his gospel of the New Testament. And while theologians and lay people have reflected on this line for nearly 2,000 years, it’s safe to say that words are essential for experiencing God. In The Infinity Bible, R.B. offers a simple workbook to help believers focus their words and attention on the Almighty. As the author notes on the back of the book, “The Infinity Bible is like a journal and photo album. More like a modern-day time machine linking everyone to their past and future.”

Including lined pages for names of family members, memos to Jesus, and reflections on the Ten Commandments, The Infinity Bible seems designed as a spiritual retreat in book form. By taking readers through each of Moses’ first ten laws, the author asks us to consider where we are on our spiritual journey and how we can repent for our shortcomings.

This promising idea suffers from flawed execution, however. There is no introduction or author’s note to elaborate on the book’s intent. And although readers can guess what the book is up to, directions to lead them on their journey throughout are unfortunately also missing. For instance, there are places for adding photographs after each of the commandments, but photos of who? Family members? It’s unclear. Each commandment, such as “Thou Shalt not Covet,” is followed by prompts that include: “Name”; “Relationship to Me”; “Testimonies of Life”; “Days of Blessing in the Name of the Lord.” Whose name is required? What thoughts are being urged by the phrase “Testimonies of Life”? Readers can only guess.

Additionally, the text contains minor spelling and grammar problems (e.g, “Memo’s to Jesus” instead of “Memos”).

One thing is certain: R.B. wants to bring people closer to God. With more honing, this book could become a nice keepsake for faith-based seekers. As it stands, though, it’s likely to be more confusing than it is enlightening.

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