The Guardsmen of Rammsihaar

J. Cameron Millar

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 380 Price: (paperback) $17.43 ISBN: 9781426996627 Reviewed: February, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

This ambitious sequel to J. Cameron Millar’s debut novel The Van Der Meer Dossier is an action-packed, albeit at times convoluted amalgam of science fiction, suspense thriller, and apocalyptic fiction.

While testing a groundbreaking new weapon Рsmart torpedoes Рin the North Atlantic Ocean, Assistant to the Chief British Naval Attach̩ in Washington, D.C., Dawn DeFaller is also overseeing the trial of another potentially revolutionary military weapon, this one concerning a top secret experimental drug that radically enhances intelligence. The human guinea pig is Commander Garry Hunt of the Royal Navy. Hunt initially exhibits remarkable results, but after a potential disaster involving the torpedoes is diverted, DeFaller realizes that Hunt and his ship have inexplicably vanished.

Shortly thereafter, a British warship accidentally sinks an Iranian cruise ship in the Arabian Sea and an airplane piloted by a Christian radical flies into the Kingdom Centre in Saudi Arabia, setting off a wave of religious terrorism. Once again, humankind seems poised on the brink of self-annihilation. But it turns out that Hunt is the mastermind behind it all, and – with apocalypse looming – he has set himself up to be nothing short of the savior of the human race. After sending the U.S. president and Britain’s prime minister a list of demands, which include high tech equipment to unearth an ancient city in Antarctica, Hunt promises “an era of global peace, health, prosperity, and almost limitless energy.” But will this supremely intelligent human enlighten humankind or doom it?

What follows is a breakneck paced, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink storyline that includes jaw-dropping archeological discoveries in Antarctica, a trip deep inside the Great Pyramid, the terraforming of Mars, and an encounter with godlike aliens! An intelligent and deeply speculative narrative fueled by an abundance of political and social commentary complements the overblown action and adventure. While some readers may be deterred by the overstuffed plotline, those who enjoy edge-of-your-seat thrillers will find this entertaining novel more than satisfying.

Highly recommended for fans of Dan Brown, Raymond Khoury and James Rollins.

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