The Griffin’s Egg

Cole Poindexter

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Pages: 204 Price: (paperback) $15.99 ISBN: 9781509253494 Reviewed: December, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

Cole Poindexter’s epic children’s tale of monsters, magic, fantasy and friendship begins when the young protagonist at the center of this odyssey to a faraway realm spots an anxious goblin in the West Virginia woods.

Phoebe, the daughter of naturalists on a trip to release a screech owl back into the wild, has lost her way in the forest. There, she bumps into Gnish-Gnash, a nervous goblin clutching a mysterious egg. He’s traveled through a portal from Lerch Hollow, a faraway world where magic is commonplace and creatures ranging from mermaids to trolls to witches abound.

Lerch Hallow is in grave danger. The “dark mistress” Lucinda, a power-hungry sorceress who fits the profile of any fairy-tale villain worth her salt, is intent on ruling Lerch Hollow. The griffin’s egg that Gnish-Gnash ferries is key to saving the realm, and Phoebe soon joins the goblin in his quest to protect the griffin’s egg, the last one in existence.

Phoebe travels through a portal with Gnish-Gnash to Lerch Hollow and quickly discovers she wields magical powers, thanks in part to a mysterious cloak she carries that originally belonged to her grandparents. As the duo travels this domain seeking to protect the egg, they assemble an unlikely coterie of allies. Lucinda is never far behind, and an eventual battle to save the last griffin—and Lerch Hollow—ensues.

Poindexter writes with a whimsy that will win over any fan of classic children’s literature. The language is colorful (“Curses and crickets,” “Blasted birds and befuddled bats,” “witch’s warts” and “dancing daylilies” are just a few of Gnish-Gnash’s choice exhortations), the action is plentiful and the author also manages to fit in important messages about friendship, loyalty and acceptance.

The book sometimes feels like a stream of adventures; tempering some of the action for more characterization and anticipation would be helpful. Still, this is an enjoyable initiation into the world of fantasy for young readers.

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