The Great Gambler


Publisher: The Inky Red Pages: 232 Price: (paperback) $27.77 ISBN: 9798990107700 Reviewed: March, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

Equal parts financial fiction and science fiction, this unique narrative is constructed largely through a series of interviews related to a mysterious figure, the world’s greatest trader, who could be a corporation, or something other than human.

Set in the years leading up to a nameless pandemic, Lefevre was a Wall Street legend, head of a trading company that consistently reported impressive yearly gains. Described as a “bastard born of Ben Bernanke,” Lefevre had somehow broken the code by creating and perfecting a system that consistently beat the markets and no longer needed human judgment: “Data instructs my models, and the models determine my decisions.”

But when a nameless analyst is hired at Lefevre, Inc. to do nothing but run theoretic projections, questions are eventually raised surrounding Lefevre’s origins, identity, and overall mission. With firsthand accounts from the analyst, a writer hired to help the analyst detail their experiences with Lefevre, and a legendary gambler—and/or a composite of all three—the truth is finally revealed: “Lefevre, we agreed, was a thing made from money—a thing that money had shaped into a memory of its past flow. He was some sort of statistical model derived from that past, of the future.”

The story is structured in a nebulous way, with a decided murkiness clouding characters, setting, and storyline. For example, the main character is nameless and may be male or female; the exact time-period (somewhere in the 2010s) is never specified; and the narrator, characteristic of the story’s vagueness, notes: “I was not of an age that could be considered young, but I was not old either…” This may deter some readers.

Those more adventurous, however, will find the narrative’s theme surprisingly deep, subtly exploring topics like the ethical standards of Wall Street trading, physicist Jeremy England’s dissipative adaptation, and evolutionary biology (Homo economicus) a la Darwin.

Readers looking for thought-provoking speculative fiction will find this creatively courageous novel worth their time.

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