The Great Being

Bill Harvey

Publisher: The Human Effectiveness Institute Pages: 264 Price: (paperback) $17.99 ISBN: 9780918538215 Reviewed: April, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

The Great Being, the first in Bill Harvey’s Agents of Cosmic Intelligence series, is an alternative history novel focusing on the creation of the universe and humankind’s early evolution.

The tale commences with the introduction of The Nothingness, an all-powerful entity that develops self-awareness. The Nothingness creates a number of benign celestial avatars of itself to mitigate the ennui it experiences. It also creates the universe and the rules that govern it, a sort of cosmic game to keep itself entertained.

The Great Being, as The Nothingness becomes known, creates a contrary entity called Lucifer as an experiment, to house its negative characteristics. Discontented, Lucifer takes advantage of the free will he’s been endowed with and creates his own avatars opposed to The Great Being, triggering a battle between the Great Being’s allies and Lucifer’s own avatar army, known simply as the Rebels, that will ultimately play out on Earth.

Focusing on the adventures of star-crossed intelligence agents Melchizedek and Layla, who are reincarnated repeatedly on Earth in human form so they can positively influence humanity’s early development, the story is tonally amusing, aesthetically fearless, and packed with witty observation and divine incident. By turns accessible, erudite, and hallucinogenic, it is an intriguing philosophical romp that cleverly fuses psychedelic science-fiction and fantasy elements with organized religion’s creationist ideologies and the scientific theories of evolutionism.

Occasionally, as Melchizedek and Layla leapfrog in and out of reality, inhabiting the bodies of prehistoric children and dead warriors’ reanimated corpses, the story becomes a bit confusing.
That said, its witty dialogue and confident pacing, as the couple strive to promote a higher state of consciousness in humankind, thwart the machinations of Lucifer’s followers, and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the developing brains of their human hosts, makes up for any momentary lapses in cohesion.

This is an ambitious, entertaining novel packed with spiritual curiosity, one that will greatly appeal to fans of intelligent science fiction and alternative history stories alike.

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