The Good Wife and the Other Woman: An Autobiographical Self-Help Guide for Women

Kenise A. Etwaru

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In this lighthearted, quick read, Kenise Etwaru encourages women to rebrand themselves as the good wife AND the other woman to improve their marriages or dating relationships.

Etwaru, a preacher’s child, was raised in a traditional Christian home; the idea of divorce never entered her mind. Thus, when her marriage ended, she was overwhelmingly unprepared. Here, she shares how she survived and rebranded herself by “falling in love with … Jesus” and by focusing on her strengths, as well as “me time,” to develop her self-worth. She also inspires readers to protect or perhaps mend their relationships by mastering a “combination of the good wife and the other woman,” because “a man wants a good wife who can cook and clean, [and] he wants love and affection.”

Peppered with Bible verses and founded on Christian principles, Etwaru’s remedy may feel old-fashioned in our modern feminist climate. For example, she supports the biblical concept of the husband’s “headship” in marriage versus a husband/wife “partnership.” She gently warns dominant personalities to not “belittle” their husbands but show them respect.

Etwaru also offers solid advice to single women regarding finances and provides a list of questions to ask before marriage: How many jobs has he held?; what is his vision for the future?, etc.

Additionally, for women suffering from a painful breakup, Etwaru suggests writing an “I-am” list: “I am beautiful. …I am not perfect. …I am thoughtful.”  This exercise forces readers to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to become “the best people we can be.”

On the down side, Etwaru may try to cover too much here. Her role frequently shifts from memoir writer to divorce survivor to relationship coach to motivational speaker, giving the narrative an unfocused feel. She could have made more impact by zeroing in on the book’s title.

Still, Christian audiences will find Etwaru’s views biblically sound, bold, and uniquely designed for women who want to be the best possible version of themselves.

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