The Free Market Manifesto!

Kariem A. Haqq

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The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels envisioned a revolution where the workers would seize control of social forces and bring about a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Author Kareim A. Haqq offers a manifesto diametrically opposed to Marx’s. Whereas Marx envisioned a period where power would be centralized in the State, Haqq offers a free-market vision where the size of government is substantially reduced. Among other radical changes, he would abolish income tax, most public education, social security, and government subsidies.

Written in short, numbered sections, Haqq’s manifesto seeks to offer a set of principles that will “restore freedom and prosperity to humanity.” This implies that humanity has lost its freedom, and this assumption is consistent with the Manichaean view he offers, where Communists stand on one side consistently opposing supporters of freedom throughout the world.

Haqq’s work is an attempt to simplify and popularize the free market philosophies of Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, and others. However, in many cases he doesn’t provide readers with sufficient background on the sometimes-complex issues he discusses. For example, the lengthiest of the planks in Haqq’s manifesto presents his proposal for a monetary system where precious metals (e.g., gold, silver) become the medium of exchange rather than the current system of fiat money. But Haqq’s argument will be confusing to readers unfamiliar with currency theory. Although he tells readers that this issue of using metal as a medium of exchange is vitally important, he doesn’t show them why.

Haqq’s comments on abortion and references to his religious beliefs signal his commitment to the right side of the political divide, and his defense of the free market is consistent with the libertarian strain within the conservative movement.

His book will be most appealing to readers of such political leanings, although his advocacy of these free-market concepts seems unlikely to have the broadband impact and to inspire the radical change he seeks.

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