The Four Forces of Human Nature: A Unifying Theory

Roberto Treviño Peña

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Roberto Treviño Peña’s The Four Forces of Human Nature offers an esoteric look at human behavior and health, centered on the author’s observance of groups of four in nature, the human body and physics.

In his study of brain function and human behavior, Pena encountered the four commonly defined human forces (affective/emotional/experiential; cognitive; communicative; and socio-environmental). The aim of these forces is to manage the essential four human necessities: health, status, wealth, and basic drives. Pena also studied the brain’s four processing centers: the amygdala, thalamus, cerebral cortex, and insular cortex.

He has coupled this knowledge with his study of the physics of the four fundamental forces of nature (strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity). He then proposes that mapping these forces of nature onto the aforementioned human forces leads to a better understanding of the human necessities and processing centers. His main goal is to demonstrate exactly how much the human brain directly controls our health and well-being.

Therein is the crux of Trevino’s presentation: If we can identify the parts of the brain and their associated behaviors that process these forces, we can modify those behaviors to reduce chronic illness and disease or worse.

The author understands fully that the topic is abstruse and that connecting the dots could be challenging for some readers. Thus, he attempts to include relatable examples. In one larger discussion, for instance, he posits that a lack of wealth may lead to lack of health insurance, which in turn may precipitate death from a serious illness.

Pena’s credibility in the research field of disease and human behavior is solid, and he cites ample experts, journals, and other resources. Still, this is tough going, and those hoping for real-world health advice will not find it here. Although presented in a straightforward manner, the book is best suited to those who have capacity to absorb high level, academic information easily.

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