The Flaming Sword

Folayan Osekita

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Folayan Osekita knows his Bible, and the devout Christian wants to share what’s he’s learned and experienced over the years with the masses. “I can no longer keep this Great Joy, this overwhelming Light of Your Love to myself,” Osekita writes in the opening of The Flaming Sword. “I must speak out.”

And with the word of God as his “sword of the spirit,” the Nigerian-born preacher does just that. In a series of short essays, written for a theologically conservative audience, the minister for the Windows of Heaven Revival Outreach quotes and paraphrases from the Old and New Testament with dexterity and authority. While his topics range from Jesus Christ to freedom to being born again to the importance of sacrifice, his core message centers on one recurring theme: our need to fear God and keep His commandments. To do so, Osekita explains, is to take the first necessary steps toward the wisdom that will save our very souls.

Osekita’s strength resides in his passion for the development of obedience and devotion in one’s life. But his book is in need of an editor to catch repetitions, hone poor sentence structures and question overused and mixed metaphors (e.g., false prophets arriving in sheep’s clothing).

This is not to say that some of his material isn’t effective. His insight on the differences between ghosts, spirits and the one true Spirit, God is thought provoking. On the other hand, readers will be left scratching their heads–and may be offended–over a passage that appears to assert that women sexually harass men as much as men harass women. (In this passage, and many others, his meaning is lost in vague and confusing wording – another indication of his need for a seasoned editor.)

While it’s hard to recommend this book for general readers, traditionally minded pastors and ministers will appreciate Osekita’s fiery spirit and find a number of interesting ideas to augment their pastoral teachings.

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