The Fidelity Factor: Exploring the Key That Will Drive Your Church Group to Revival

Dr. S. Sagoe-Nkansah

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For any organization to thrive, it needs committed leaders and a dedicated vision—especially if that organization is a church where trust is paramount. So argues Dr. S. Sagoe-Nkansah in The Fidelity Factor. Here, the author presents a helpful guide for Christian groups looking for effective ways to build faith and certitude between pastors and their flock and between believers and God.

Members of church groups often have trust issues, Sagoe-Nkansah contends. As a remedy, he presents what he calls 10 Milestones, or obligations, which highlight the importance of discernment, spiritual calling, and service to God in developing a faithful spirit ready to “confront forthrightly the attitudes of infidelity and irreverence” that often permeate relationships within and outside houses of worship. Weaving together examples from scripture and personal anecdotes from over 30 years of ministry work, the author stresses the need for pastors and members to set and adhere to a single vision, namely preparation for a second coming of Jesus Christ. Fidelity to that cause, the author argues, is tantamount in honoring and glorifying God.

Looking to balance his philosophy with practical applications, each chapter offers actionable takeaways that readers can apply to their lives (such as the suggestion to conduct covenant services or how to nurture spiritual instruction). Sections on how to test for integrity and moral responsibility are handy and relevant, while advice on prayer and learning to listen to biblical prophecy will resonate with many Christians denominations.

Sagoe-Nkansah’s fluid, conversational writing style makes for easy reading and his lessons are simple and clearly articulated. Overall, The Fidelity Factor is part motivational text, part Bible study, and part wake up call for believers to pay attention to their own hearts and the hearts of others. While the book itself is geared toward clergy and church teams, Sagoe-Nkansah has produced a relevant leadership guide with observations and lessons that could be easily applied to Christian businesses and families.

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