The Fast Forward Winner

Bob Rathbun

Publisher: Zhana Publishing Pages: 63 Price: (ebook) $9.99 ISBN: 9780998785523 Reviewed: July, 2017 Author Website: Visit »

Some workbooks written by motivational speakers to publicize their workshops and presentations are all talk and no substance, often relying on rah-rah emotional messages and a push to buy something more. Others offer so many tactical details that they can be overwhelming. But Bob Rathbun’s The Fast Forward Winner: How to Put Your Dreams Into Action and Achieve Something Remarkable is both supportive and professional — and thankfully, the author doesn’t resort to a hard-sell approach for his trademarked Fast Forward Winner program.

The book offers six chapters aimed at helping readers pinpoint a goal or vision they are passionate about (“Seed Dream”) and develop an action plan on how to achieve that dream. It offers helpful exercises, examples and advice from the Emmy-award-winning sports announcer who’s made his own mistakes, suffered his own losses, and come out on top.

Even the most sports-illiterate reader will appreciate the baseball, football and basketball references and themes in this helpful book. Likewise, Rathbun’s easy-to-follow steps to success make sense for all types of readers. Examples include using research to reveal how a successful role model got where he is and giving your dream the “energy test.” (“If your idea is worthy of time and effort,” the author explains, “you will be granted creative ideas, personal power, new relationships, and unbelievable experiences to help you succeed.”)

The last two chapters, “20-Second Time Out” and “Curved Bat,” address unforeseen obstacles that can thwart the best-laid plans and provide strategies for how to get back in the game. Curve balls are all around us,” the author points out. “Now is the time to be proactive and start hitting those pitches out of the park.”

Embedded throughout Rathbun’s upbeat guide are useful reminders about keeping a positive attitude, being professional, and building bridges rather than burning them. Together, they make The Fast Forward Winner worth the read for anyone going through a slump, seeking a fresh start, or launching a new career.

Also available in paperback and audiobook.

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