The Doctor’s Voice: Empowering Solutions to Physicians’ Frustrations, Burnout, and Healthcare Inefficiencies

Dr Pietro Emanuele Garbelli

Publisher: Archway Publishing Pages: 113 Price: (paperback) $11.99 ISBN: 9781665730075 Reviewed: October, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

Writing for physicians and others in the healthcare field in The Doctor’s Voice, acute care specialist, clinical director and consultant Pietro Emanuele Garbelli describes his lifetime of work in the UK, unveiling common sources of frustration and burnout that affect physicians worldwide. Yet Garbelli believes that these frustrations can be catalysts for improvement, empowering physicians to become change makers and improve their lives and the healthcare system. Positive change happens, he says, when doctors use their unique voices and perspectives to engage the system to combat healthcare inefficiencies and causes of burnout.

One major source of frustration is accountability, Garbelli says. Although doctors have full responsibility for what happens to their patients, they often don’t have enough independence to allocate time with patients, choose best practices treatment or help plan future department developments. With collaboration, physician accountability can be matched by organizational accountability. Additional issues that physicians can help transform include power games, poor use of resources, overwork and other inefficiencies.

While the author emphasizes communication and leadership, such as learning to better present ideas in meetings – and provides tips for knowing your audience and handling feedback – his book is less a how-to checklist than a wakeup call to physicians.

Mentors led to his own success, and Garbelli recommends additional training by consultants to help unleash the full value of physicians’ professional lives. The author credits his personal development to well-known business/life coach/mentor Tony Selimi, though his 11-page introduction slows entry into the book.

Garbelli’s book ends with an “About the Author” chapter that not only includes his professional accomplishments but shares his difficult journey from a bullied gay child and young man in Italy to his current gay activism. His wide-ranging life and professional experience provide a unique understanding of healthcare as he seeks to inspire doctors to take steps to thrive and create high-quality change.

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