The Dirty-Minded Christian: How to Clean Up Your Thoughts with the ADAPT2 Principle

Kirk Thomas and Linda Thomas

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Don’t be misled by the title. The authors claim that they’re not writing about “that kind of mind—but a mind that allows negative thinking to steal your happiness” and prevents Christians from fully achieving God’s purposes for them.

Kirk Thomas, a business advisor, has developed a nationwide program for pregnancy care centers. Linda Thomas was an award-winning radio and television broadcaster while in the US Army. Their ADAPT2 Principle consists of six components: Attitude, Discipline, Action, Patience, Training, and Trust in God.

Kirk developed the original ADAPT (minus the second T) to maintain his focus and beat the odds while gambling. But after dreaming he was one of the soldiers gambling for Jesus’ garments at the crucifixion, things changed. Kirk writes, “I will never forget the look I saw in Jesus’ eyes. It was then that I vowed to commit the rest of my life for His purpose and not for my own.”

Kirk overcame his gambling addiction, and the second T, Trust in God, was added—becoming the “golden nugget” of the principle. For example, readers are cautioned to resist criticizing themselves for not being perfect. “Rather, replace shame and guilt with the kindness you deserve…When you talk negatively about yourself, you are criticizing God’s good work. Lift yourself up as you lift Him up!”

The book is well organized and meticulously written and edited. While Linda is the primary writer, chapters toggle smoothly between her voice and Kirk’s. Their often-humorous anecdotes are relatable and encouraging. Key information is bulleted, and cartoon-like drawings help readers visualize concepts. Popular quotations and Scripture also support the ADAPT2 components. While the book includes references to studies and statistics, it has a conversational versus academic tone.

The Dirty-Minded Christian is well-written and content rich, but shock titles are a gamble and this one may deter some. Such readers will surely miss a treasure—an enjoyable faith-based narrative with a highly accessible method of overcoming negativity.

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