The Devil’s Twin

Grayce L. Higgins

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The Devil’s Twin is a crime novel featuring former CIA agent Sandy Shores Landow. Sandy is pregnant and needs something to occupy her mind, so she begins looking into a cold case.

Twenty years ago, Sheila Compton’s twins, David and Denise, went missing. Though the police suspected they had been kidnapped, they had no leads, and no clues were ever found. Sandy mulls over the case’s details during the last few months of her pregnancy, and after her baby is born, she fortuitously stumbles upon new information that might shed light on what really happened to the boys. But when a killer targets Sandy to keep her from investigating the crime, Sandy must fight to protect both herself and her husband as the case becomes personal.

The Devil’s Twin delivers enough twists and turns to satisfy any reader looking for action. Author Grayce L. Higgins’ writing style is confident and self-assured; readers will find it easy to read her prose. The author also does a solid job of showing what’s happening through her character’s actions, rather than just narrating events.

A few quibbles: The plot contains some overly convenient coincidences, such as Sandy’s discovery of the new evidence. And while Sandy’s character is sympathetic, she doesn’t have the emotional detachment one would expect from a former CIA agent. (On the other hand, readers will appreciate the fact that she shows her emotions, as it helps one stay invested in the character and the novel as a whole.)

Additionally, the dialogue is often wooden and unrealistic. For example: “Yes, I did and immediately decided to wait. I certainly don’t want to tip my hand.”

Despite these flaws, The Devil’s Twin is an entertaining story that should keep readers engaged throughout. Fans of crime fiction should enjoy Higgins’ novel.

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