The Covenant of Salt: The Story of God’s Relentless Pursuit of His People

Nguumbur Lovette Ikongo

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This “simple narrative,” as author Nguumbur Lovette Ikongo calls it, is packed with insight, instruction, and encouragement for readers, especially believers, to allow life’s challenges, struggles, and sufferings to lead to a deeper relationship with God.

In Old Testament times, notes the author, the Covenant of Salt “depicted the everlasting promise of preservation and friendship between God and His people.” Ikongo’s use of biblical stories—such as Elisha’s use of salt to heal polluted waters, Job’s losses, and Rahab’s choice to help the enemy—backs up her premise that God allows suffering and trials for His purpose (called “sifting”) in order to bring His people closer to Him. Her difficult personal experiences, including being freed from an addiction, lend credibility to her authoritative yet non-condescending voice.

And she gives hope for the ills of fallen humanity: the internal “giants,” such as rejection, envy, fear, abandonment, loneliness, anger, addiction, comfort, and lust, and the external trials in the church, such as seducing pastors and Jezebels.

Her admonition is to allow “the salt” to do its work of “making you into a vessel He can bless and use as a channel of blessing to many,” by being willing to go through hard times, by being connected to others, and by being purposeful.

The book is written in short chapters that allow readers to pause and consider how each point might be personally applied. The author notes that readers will then see life’s seeming disappointments differently, realizing the trials and suffering are for a purpose.

The book has a few missteps in punctuation, capitalization, and quotation formatting. And one paragraph from page 64 is repeated verbatim on page 65. However, none of these diminishes the impact of Ikongo’s message. Readers will find themselves reconsidering her relatable narrative long after the book is set aside.

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