The Contentment Dividend: Meditations for Realizing Your True Self

Michael Goddart

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In The Contentment Dividend, Michael Goddart offers 49 insightful short essays on the benefits of finding a unique, ongoing way of quieting the mind’s chatter and accessing the higher self.

In a short Author’s Note at the beginning, Goddart extends a friendly invitation to “engage with the thrilling meaning of life…and your call to inner adventure.” In the last chapter, he provides specifics: “The contentment dividend is earned and enjoyed by living an honest life, being kind, finding and enjoying your place in God, and investing in the four beneficences.”

In between, he explores how a variety of emotional and spiritual concepts, such as detachment, compassion, karma, and more, can shut out the lower mind’s incessant, punishing demands. This allows you “to listen more readily to or for the divine Sound.” He doesn’t dictate any specific practice, encouraging readers to “learn what works best to return you to your stillness.”

Goddart’s writing is almost always clear and creative. He explains concepts familiar to readers of books on higher consciousness—such as bliss, spark, and illusion—in fresh ways that paint a sharp picture. He expounds on the world’s false promise like this: “Any new or familiar dust devil of a spell lifts us up, takes us for a spin, then it dissipates, and we hit cold ground. Hard disenchantment.”

In one chapter, the author shares his own journey from an abusive childhood through years of medical crises and extreme loneliness to his schooling with enlightened masters who led him to his current state of contentment. That honesty forges a strong bond with readers.

In all, Goddart’s resistance to jargon and refusal to dictate how, where, and when to meditate or what mantra to use results in a valuable guide that can be read repeatedly as seekers reach new levels of understanding.

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