The Clitter-Clatter of Chloe’s Clogs

Jesse Boughton

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 28 Price: (paperback) $13.99 ISBN: 9798369492727 Reviewed: December, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In this children’s picture book, young Chloe loves her wooden clogs and can be heard wherever she goes when she’s wearing them.

Chloe enjoys the sound her clogs make as she walks around town. All the animals along the way, from cows at the nearby farm to monkeys in the zoo, hear her coming and make their own animal noises in response. When Chloe returns home, her parents ask her to remove her shoes, and she feels sad but knows she will be able to wear them again the next day.

A simple picture book, this story mostly serves as a platform to name different animals and the sounds they make: for example, we learn that donkeys “eeyore” and lions roar. On almost every page, readers get the same stanza about Chloe clitter-clattering as she “canters,” paired with a second stanza about the animals who make noises alongside her. For example: “All the puppies heard the clitter-/clatter of Chloe’s clogs/ as she cantered down the street with/ wooden shoes on her feet.// ‘Woof woof,’ said the dogs/ as Chloe clitter-clattered her way/ to the canteen with her clogs.”

Repeated eight times, this storytelling template is likely to become tiring by the end, especially for older readers. This repetition is exaggerated by the heavy alliteration, which, again, feels
charming at first but overused before the book’s conclusion. Another drawback is that the author doesn’t focus on Chloe’s characterization until the end, when she must accept that clogs can’t be worn everywhere.

However, the images are colorful with many smiling animals and will be especially engaging for the youngest readers.

A straightforward story about a girl who enjoys loud shoes, The Clitter-Clatter of Chloe’s Clogs doesn’t have much repeat value and won’t spark conversations after the read-along is complete. However, it might interest early readers who are learning to recognize words like “zoo” and “school” and who still enjoy vocalizing animal sounds as part of storytelling.

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