The Chronic Disease of Obesity

Brian Scott Edwards, MD, FNLA

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Dr. Brian Scott Edwards has personally struggled with obesity and also seen its impact on patients. In The Chronic Disease of Obesity, he alternates between telling his own story and presenting scientific facts and strategies regarding obesity and weight loss.

Edwards admits that his plan is unconventional, but under this approach, he lost and has kept off 80 pounds “after giving up on extreme exercise and switching to an Atkins ad libitum (eating until full) diet, but more importantly by taking multiple diet medications.”

Edwards advises readers to choose an eating plan or program (he recommends specific books, including The New Atkins for a New You, The South Beach Diet, and The Change Your Biology Diet), take a 20-minute walk every day, then stay on diet medications, perhaps for life. He offers specifics on what medications he took and those he’s prescribed for patients. The book includes 67 endnotes.

Unfortunately, the volume isn’t structured cohesively. For example, he places a chapter after his endnotes. The front of the book includes a list of his weight from when he was age 9 to 2018, followed by a photo history of his life. These would have been more appropriate in an appendix at the back of the book. There are also odd omissions, such as mentioning the obesity drug he’s taking, but not including it in his listing of obesity drugs and their pros and cons.

Although the author includes a glossary of technical and medical terms, it can be more puzzling than edifying, as when he defines “Leptin Threshold” and “Leptin Resistance,” but fails to identify exactly what a leptin is.

Such issues are distracting and make for a sometimes-frustrating read. Despite this, the book presents some interesting ideas (why not try obesity drugs before bariatric surgery?). Those who suffer from chronic obesity and are willing to overlook the organization problems might find some new ideas and helpful information here.

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