The Cat and the Lizard

Judy Marks

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The Cat and the Lizard is a wild ride of a novel, about the mother of a bride who must balance the needs of her children and her husband.

When daughter Sophie announces to Lisa that she’ll be getting married in Greece, Lisa is stymied; after all, she knows her husband, Bill, won’t be thrilled by his stepdaughter’s last-minute (inconsiderate) plans. Still, Lisa pulls everyone together to make the trip to an idyllic Greek island, though the journey isn’t without its bumps, hiccups, and laugh-out-loud occurrences. In the end, Lisa must decide on her priorities and whether she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her children and her husband, or whether she’ll find a new path for herself during the chaos of the trip.

Author Judy Marks develops her characters well. She takes time to flesh out each individual’s backstory, giving the characters interesting histories and establishing that they were there long before the novel began and will go on long after the last pages are turned. In particular, Lisa is a very sympathetic main character; readers will become emotionally involved in her storyline, hoping that she will find happiness and contentment.

The writing in The Cat and the Lizard is a bit stilted and makes the book difficult to read at times. Sentences such as, “I could understand why Bill did not wish me to let them down” are awkward and hamper the novel’s flow. In addition, the plot meanders at times. Still, fans of women’s fiction will appreciate getting to know Lisa and the mix of personalities that inhabit this book and will enjoy this humorous tale of love and life.

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