The Book of Reception

Steven F. Gardner

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For thousands of years the planet Venus has been known as the Morning Star for the way it heralds the rising of the sun in the East. Biblically speaking (and depending on who you talk to), the Morning Star mentioned in the Book of Revelation could refer to Jesus, his mother Mary, or Lucifer, the devil. While most religion scholars and lay people alike will agree that it refers to illumination of some sort, any meaning beyond that has been debated for the last two millennia.

In the spiritual memoir The Book of Reception, Australian Steven F. Gardner relates how in April 1993 he received “a transmission from God, which kicked off an amazing journey of discovery.” The divine revelation, the Morning Star, took shape over the course of a few days, and on the 16th of that month, Gardner literally drew his inspired message on paper, an 8-pointed star that revealed a new plan for understanding the Kingdom of heaven and earth. This geometric and numerological interpretation was one in which all experience and the development of the universe (as we can vaguely understand it) radiates from the hub of creation, God.

Gardner is a capable writer and for many, the story of his journey–from his life of spiritual lethargy to his drug use to his exploration of the Bible to his time spent in a mental institution as a result of his spiritual revelation to his new understanding of himself and of God– will be a compelling one. The challenge with any book of spiritual transmission, however, is that the author’s experience is such a deeply personal one that it can be difficult for general readers who have not had such an encounter to relate to a person’s claims of divine inspiration. Hence, it seems unlikely that a book such as this will find a large audience.

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