The Book of Daniel

Sean Ian

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Pages: 294 Price: (paperback) ISBN: 9781035804313 Reviewed: March, 2024

In The Book of Daniel, author Sean Ian explores the conundrum of whether supernatural powers are a blessing or a curse.

After a fateful one-night stand, Barbera finds that her charming biker lover has left a souvenir of his visit. To say that Barbera’s pregnancy is unusual is an understatement. Almost from the beginning, Barbera can communicate telepathically with the fetus who will be her son, Daniel. Then comes the bizarre birth, in which copious amounts of blood fountain from her body until the operating room is ankle deep in blood. Somehow Daniel is born, and Barbera recovers.

As Daniel ages, readers learn he’s a telepath with other powers, as well: People who harm Daniel, or those close to him, simply die. In school, he’s a pariah, except for his friendship with beautiful Lilith: Daniel and Lilith are inseparable until Lilith’s father tries to rape her and ends up dead in her bed.

Following the suspicious death, Barbera and Daniel head across the country for a new start. Yet Daniel pines for Lilith and doesn’t fit in at his new school. After three school’s bullies learn too late that picking on Daniel isn’t a good idea, Daniel heads off alone, meeting other nefarious characters while those who care for Daniel find that loving him is as dangerous as trying to harm him.

Early on, it’s difficult to discern which parts of the narrative are reality and which exist in Daniel or Barbera’s dream worlds or Lilith’s imagination. But this straightens out as soon as Daniel sets out on his own and it becomes clear that all the supernatural powers lie with him.

The result is a surrealistic novel filled with twists and turns, making for compulsive reading. While some of the supernatural events, such as the sanguinary birth of Daniel, seem to lack purpose, Ian’s descriptive prose keeps the pages turning.

After a confusing beginning, readers will find themselves absorbed in this thought-provoking tale.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

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Rocky Point, New York