The Art and Wisdom of Healthy Living I

George J. Kljajic, MD, M.Sc.

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The Art and Wisdom of Healthy Living by Dr. George Kljajic is a practical and clearly written reference to achieving optimal spiritual, mental and physical health. Kljajic, an internist and hematologist based in Vancouver, Canada, emigrated from Slovakia to North America, and it was the adaptation to his new cultural and social surroundings that inspired him to write this book.

In the first chapter, the book introduces readers to better health. The doctor’s succinct approach seeks to inspire readers with optimism and hope to better achieve their goals. According to the author, “The feeling of a healthy body and soul gives a person initiative and energy to try new undertakings and new ways of doing things.”

Chapter Two is an overview of the elements that constitute a healthy lifestyle: regular physical exercise, moderate alcohol consumption, avoidance of cigarette smoking, ample sleep, and happiness and contentment with one’s self, family and friends. Within each topic, Kljajic outlines steps to attain each goal, based on his more than 30 years in practice.

Chapters about nutrition follow, including tips for making smarter food choices, reducing portion sizes, practicing healthy eating habits and adopting the Mediterranean Diet, which is rich in lean protein, fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

A chapter devoted to common chronic diseases serves as a basic overview regarding etiology, treatments and disease avoidance or management. And the book concludes with a look at mental and physical fitness, and ways to remain vital with advancing age.

While the scope of the book is quite broad, the author has a firm grasp of each topic, presenting his recommendations in a motivating way. The chapters are color-coded for easy reference, and the topics are well organized. For those who seek improved mental and physical health, this book provides proactive solutions for building a healthy lifestyle, preserving those changes and achieving success.

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