The Ansgar Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection

Aleksandra Layland

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Set in Aleksandra Layland’s signature fantasy realm of Kimbria, this highly engaging compilation joins the first volume of her Windflower Saga trilogy (Ansgar: The Struggle of a People. The Triumph of the Heart) with three related novellas (The Feathered Crown, Far Endeavor, and Three Brothers of Ansgar).

The novel revolves around Ansgar, the youngest son of King Bogumil, and Keholani, a clan chief of the Kimbrii, an indigenous white-skinned people who live in the southern Wastelands of Kimbria. Their mixed-race love story is a classic romance, but the real power of the novel—and novellas—comes in its thematic profundity. It’s not just about the union of a man and woman but the unification of a kingdom that has finally begun to challenge its own prejudices and cultural missteps.

For generations, the Kimbrii has been misunderstood and oppressed through senseless governmental regulations and laws. A young Ansgar, on a mission to find the Kimbrii and somehow preserve their culture, almost dies in a remote mountain range and is saved by Keholani, who brings him to her secluded people. Recuperating, the handsome duke learns about the Kimbrii’s fascinating culture—and falls hopelessly in love with his rescuer. When Ansgar and Keholani marry—and he eventually becomes king—Kimbria begins to put its bloody history in the past.

A deeply philosophical undertone gives the already tapestried narrative another layer, creating a storyline that satisfies on multiple levels. “I always knew a good man should do no bad deeds,” Ansgar thinks at one point, “but it never occurred to me that a good man must do good deeds. He cannot just sit back and do nothing. He cannot just relax and let things happen around him.”

The novellas complement the novel by chronicling the lives of peripheral characters with stories featuring Ansgar and Keholani’s children, as well as Kahutane, high chief of the Kimbrii.

Readers will enjoy this intelligent, insightful fantasy that seamlessly blends romance into the mix.

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