The Age of Divinity

B. William Ball

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There is a short poem attributed to Sufi poet Rumi that translates roughly as, “Somewhere beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This clear and straightforward notion of God’s love and lack of judgment is reflected in The Age of Divinity.

Author B. William Ball describes his upbringing in a Christian church and eventual disillusionment with the “dogma” passed down to the parishioners. He began searching for a spiritual home more in tune with his own beliefs and found one in the Unity Church and New Thought Movement. Here he recounts his beliefs and gently examines the philosophy behind most world religions.

Ball writes well and gets big ideas across with a gentle push. While looking at the difference between facts and truth (“Facts are changeable; truth is not.”), he uses his hair as an example. It was black when he was young, but is gray now and may fall out altogether with age. The facts about his hair changed over time, while truth is permanent. The point? While “the facts that we learn greatly enhance our lives, the truth that we learn teaches us how to live our lives,” and that’s where personal ethics and spiritual development can grow.

This is a short book–just 35 pages–and notable for what it leaves out. There’s no list of rights and wrongs for which people are punished or rewarded, no prescribed behaviors, and no “we’re right, they’re wrong” exclusivity. Here’s a vision of heaven readers can work toward, and attain, while still among the living, set on an authentic foundation of belief in a loving God. Readers looking for the field in Rumi’s poem may find a road map in this humble volume.

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